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I'm Daniela, the owner of 'il Velo e il Cilindro Wedding Planner Milan' agency. I am based in Milan but I am very happy to move all over Italy
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Daniela Gafforelli, wedding planner


I’m Daniela, the owner of “il Velo e il Cilindro Wedding Planner Milan-Italy” agency for the past 10 years.

If I were to search for a wedding planner considering the importance of the event to literally pur “in her hands”, I think I’d love to know more about her and her working.

I will introduce myself.

I love beauty in all its forms, especially the wonders of nature.

I like people and things authenticity, originality and uniqueness, I love everything that has a story to tell. Whether it’s a place, a person or an object, it doesn’t matter, I like knowing the story behind it and I usually just listen to it!

I’m ambitious, and I love doing things well.

I love books, art and travel and an infinity of other things! All this shows up into my work, all my big or small projects are based on all these things, it would not be possible otherwise.

I organize joyful weddings, designed in every detail and unique for every single couple.

I am based in Milan but I am very happy to move all over Italy.

But in the agency there is also another person, absolutely irreplaceable: Daniela Adriana!! Yes, we have a similar name…call it fate 🙂

Daniela Adriana is a wonderful woman, sensitive, attentive to all details and she is my right-hand woman in organizing weddings for foreign couples in Italy.

In all these years we have followed hundreds of couples in the organization of their wedding, we have listened a lot, traveled thousands of kilometers, we got wxcited every time the bride and groom have stepped into the church or the town hall.

That’s me and who is behind the “il Velo e il Cilindro Wedding Planner Milan-Italy”!


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