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Daniela Gafforelli, wedding and event planner of Il velo e il cilindro agency
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Daniela Gafforelli, wedding planner



First of all welcome!

My name is Daniela and for over 10 years I have been the owner and wedding planner of il Velo e il Cilindro.

Before talking about how I work, let me explain who I am: I love beauty in all its forms, authenticity, originality of things and people.
I have a strong connection with nature, a love for the past and a real thirst for understanding how and why things work.
I am ambitious, I love doing things right.
I am really fond of books, art and travelling.
All this flows into my work, into all my big or small projects that are based on all these things, it would not be possible otherwise.

In all these years I have been following hundreds of couples organizing their wedding, I have been listening to a lot, of people, I have been travelling thousands of kilometers, been moved every time the spouses have crossed the threshold of a church or a Town hall.

In the my team I have my precious collaborators Claire, Elizabeth and Valentina.

I am a teacher at Wedding Planner courses.